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Respect or Scorn: Reply to a Hunter

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Hunting is a violent practice that is linked to violence toward humans.?
there is no truth in this statment in fact kids who hunt get better grades in school according to njea and show more respect for wildlife then thoses who dont hunt

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From: CASH
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Thank you for contacting CASH.

If you look at the statistics and news reports that follow school shootings and youth violence, a large portion of the children were either avid hunters or committed the shootings with their parents guns.

Hunters show more respect for wildlife than those who do not hunt?  Perhaps you do not know the proper definition of the word "respect."  Merriam-Webster defines it this way:  "high or special regard." 
I find it hard to believe that you folks have a "high or special regard" for the animals, as you shoot razor-sharp arrows through their lungs and wait for them to bleed to death, just so you can chop their heads off and hang them on the wall above your fireplace. 
Respect?  Hardly.  Your behavior indicates scorn.

Joe Miele

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