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When Eric Bunk listed a summary of the contributions made by hunters, he left out some very significant points.  Among other things, hunters:


  • almost wiped the buffalo off the face of the earth in the 19th century;
  • killed almost every bear in the state of New Jersey in the early 1970’s;
  • fatally shot 101 children aged nineteen and younger in the year 2001 according to the International Hunter Education Association (IHEA);
  • the same year, killed 111 people because of failure to identify their target, according to the IHEA;
  • kill animals in “canned hunts” where they are fenced in and have no chance to escape;
  • bred 61,000 pheasants and quail in 2003 for no other reason than to release them so they can be used as living targets and be blown out of the sky; and
  • are responsible for the overpopulation of deer due to their deer “management” programs.

 Wildlife advocates on the other hand, educate people to live in peaceful harmony with our wildlife instead of being at constant war with defenseless beings who wish us no harm.  If Mr. Bunk and his hunter cronies truly cared about wildlife, they would join with those who work to protect the animals from the killers who exploit them for recreation.  For information on how stage game agencies are waging war on our wildlife, please visit the website of the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting at


Joe Miele, Vice President

The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

Box 562

New Paltz, NY  12561



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