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Hunters and Poachers - A Fine Line...

Sent 11/30/03

An article in the Caledonian-Record reported on the problem of poachers illegally killing deer. In reality, there is a very fine line between those who kill animals illegally, and those who do the same thing within the constraints of the law.

Fish and Wildlife Department Warden Dennis Amsden complained that ""If you could eliminate the poaching, everyone would be able to get a deer." It is truly sad that Mr. Amsden cares not for the poor animals being killed, but only for hunter who might go home empty handed because poachers may have killed the deer that he would have shot.

The sad truth is that Fish and Wildlife agencies and agents profit from poachers making their deadly rounds. Salaries of Fish and Wildlife employees are funded through the sale of hunting licenses, and poachers can be licensed hunters who are not abiding by the seasons or bag limits.

Further, wildlife management projects to promote more hunting opportunity are paid for with excise taxes on hunting equipment and ammunition. Each round that is fired by a poacher puts more money into the hands of Fish and Wildlife. This is quite a conflict of interest.

While Mr. Amsden believes that poachers shouldn't be confused with hunters, the truth is that they both are violent people who enjoy killing helpless and harmless animals. Fish and Wildlife agencies profit from both types of wildlife killers.

To learn about how game agencies use your tax dollars to slaughter your wildlife, please see  

Joe Miele,
Wildlife Watch, Inc.  

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