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Special Interests Groups Intensely Promote Hunting Among Women and Young People

Sent to: The Washington Post

Dear Editors:
Thank you for the article by Jonathan Finer in your November 10th issue which highlights the troubling penchant of special interests groups to intensely promote hunting among women and young people. Wildlife managers are running scared because of the decline in hunting.  Consequently,  to preserve their jobs and salaries  which are paid for out of taxes on arms and ammunition, wildlife managers and agencies aggressively promote the source of their income -- hunting.
In truth, killing has become one of the most well promoted activities in our country.  The government strongly and consistently defends killing overseas, and well-funded organizations such as the National Rifle Association promote it stateside.  What happened to our forefather's laudable aim to ensure peace and tranquility?  Violence breeds violence
In the long term, killing has never been a good political answer judging by the fall of U.S. Presidents who took us to unpopular wars. Certainly it is not a good ethical answer. Yet simply on the basis of self-preservation, hunting is counterproductive. Many people are killed or injured each year in hunting accidents.  For example, in 2001 there were a total of 857 hunting accidents in this country -- more
Americans than were killed during the occupation of post-war Iraq.
The National Shooting Sport Foundation of Connecticut would provide a useful service if they gave the $250,000 they now give to mentor
hunters instead to a kind of Youth Wildlife Caring Corp, modeled after the Peace Corp, which would protect wildlife instead of killing it. And the National Wild Turkey Federation, would do best to give its cash awards to animal welfare groups who rescue wildlife escaping the searing California fires or who are victims of wars instead of promoting
hunting among children and teachers.

Let us now teach peace, not death.
Constance Young
Public Affairs Director,
Wildlife Watch, Inc.
New Paltz, NY
[email protected]

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