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Hunting More Dangerous Than Ephedrine

Sent to the Pittsburgh, PA Post-Gazette


The U.S. government recently banned the herbal extract ephedrine because of adverse reactions that according to a Rand Report released in early 2003, caused two deaths out of about 16,000 incidents.

In contrast, at least thirty-three children aged eighteen and younger were injured or killed in hunting accidents since September 2003.

Instead of banning the violent and dangerous sport of hunting, on December 12, President Bush addressed pro-hunting special interests in the White House and pledged to them his support. It is clear that this administration's priorities are misguided.

It is distressing to say the least that President Bush and his administration are leading an all-out war on wildlife and the natural world, and ignoring the very real consequences that take the lives of so many children every year.

Both the President and Vice-President Cheney spend their free time killing harmless birds, some as tiny as quail who weigh less than seven ounces.

Instead of pandering to hunting interests, the President should be stepping up "Homeland Security" and protecting our children from the violence of hunting. Ignoring this real and current threat is nothing short of negligence.

To learn what you can do to protect the homeland from the violence of sport hunting, please contact the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting at  or 845-256-1400. Together we can make the world a safer place for all.

Joe Miele, Vice President
The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

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