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No Hunting at Red Top Mountain  


It is unfortunate that the deer living in Red Top Mountain State Park will be killed next year. It is unfortunate not only for the deer, but also for the park because wherever deer are hunted, their population increases the following year.

The case of Watchung Reservation in New Jersey proves this point. After nine years of hunting, more than one thousand deer were killed in the reservation. This number is staggering, considering that before the hunting began there were only 139 deer on the 4,600 acres of land including and surrounding the reservation.

It is ironic that the deer will be slaughtered partly because they are eating what would be used as food for turkeys and rabbits. Both are considered game species that hunters kill by the tens of thousands every year. The impending slaughter at Red Top Mountain must not be allowed to take place.

Joe Miele, Vice President
New Jersey Field Office
Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

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