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People are Killed in Hunting Accidents

3 Nov 2003

Dear Editors:

Each year people are killed in hunting accidents. According to the International Hunting Education Association, in 2001 there were a total of 857 hunting accidents in this country -- more Americans than were killed so-far during the occupation of post-war Iraq.

Closer to home, the other day at Mashomack Preserve in Pine Plains a 30ish Westchester man out for a day's killing of nature's gorgeous wildlife, was shot many times in a hunting accident. A shooter from Greenwich Connecticut evidently let loose with gunshots in the direction of a flock of quail and mistakenly hit a person instead. The victim appears to be undergoing surgery and probably will recover. I hope that he will have learned his lesson and will put his weapons of destruction away.

Is it worth it? I wonder why people cannot enjoy viewing the wonders of nature without trying to destroy them. Many innocent people, companion animals, and other non-target creatures are killed during these days of killing for fun. Our world would be a far better place if people would practice love instead of killing.

Constance Young
Pine Plains, New York

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