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Canned Hunts

Tonawanda News
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North Tonawanda, NY 14120
May 12, 2003

To The Editor:

While it is unfortunate that Assemblyman Robin Schimminger voted against Assembly Bill 4609, the bill that prohibits the killing, shooting, maiming or injuring of intentionally confined animals for sport, amusement or taking of a trophy; the practice commonly known as “canned hunting, it is encouraging that this bill is on its way to becoming law.

Often advertised under euphemisms such as "hunting preserves" or "game ranches,” canned hunts give “hunters” the opportunity to kill animals who have been staked, caged or otherwise confined. Many of these canned hunting grounds are so small that the hunter is guaranteed by the hunt operators to go home with a kill.

The hunted animals often come from circuses, zoos, and big game/wild animal breeders and are usually are semi-tame, having been raised by humans for their entire lives. Canned hunts are far more accurately defined as slaughters than hunts, because there is none of the element of “fair chase” that hunters claim is a requirement for an “ethical” hunt.

So disgraceful are canned hunts that even certain pro-hunting groups, like the Orion Institute, decry canned hunts as being immoral. Fourteen states have banned the practice of canned hunting, and thankfully, New York is poised to be the fifteenth. Clearly, a ban on these savage displays of barbarity is long overdue.

For more information on canned hunts or other forms of hunting, please contact the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting through our website at  

Joe Miele



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