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Response to: Her Love of Turkey Hunting

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was sent to The Tennessean on 1/25/04

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A recent article in The Tennessean addressed women's basketball star Courtney Boynton and her love of Turkey Hunting. It is tragic that such a promising young woman has little compassion for birds who have such a storied past in America.

Before the Bald Eagle became known as the symbol of America, the great statesman and revolutionary Benjamin Franklin put his support behind the turkey being honored as the national bird. Franklin's choice would have been a good one, as the North American wild turkey was here to greet the Pilgrims as they landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620.

Sadly, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has declared war on these birds. Turkeys are not overpopulated in Tennessee; in fact, the TWRA has stocked them in certain counties for no other purpose than to provide hunters with living targets to kill. The birds cause no damage and are not implicated in significant amounts of car accidents. It seems that Tennessee's hunters have nothing better to do than to enjoy killing these harmless and helpless animals.

The TWRA is in the business to sell hunting permits, and they will manipulate hunted animal populations by breeding them, clear cutting tracts of forest to increase their food supply, and killing off their natural predators. The TWRA collects the fees generated by the sale of hunting permits, as well as excise taxes on firearms and ammunition, because the Agency needs to raise millions of dollars in revenue just to cover the salaries of its employees.

Help stop this maddening slaughter of Tennessee's wild animals. Reject the pro-hunting, anti-wildlife propaganda of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.

Contact the Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting at or 845-256-1400 and help to eradicate the cancer of hunting once and for all.

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