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Wildlife Breeders are to Blame

Sent to several New York City area newspapers


Though much has been said about the lion cub who was brought to Noah's Lost Ark by a reporter, little has been said about the real villains in this case: the breeder, Backyard Safari, who sold the 8-day-old lion cub to the first person who came along with the money, and USDA which hands out licenses to breeders without asking important questions.

The USDA has a terrible track record of neglect and crimes of omission when it comes to the trade in wild animals. What is needed is a nationwide crackdown of these lecherous breeders and new laws with real teeth that are strictly enforced. This latest case underscores the need for the laws to be written in such a way for the animals to be protected, and not those who make money off their backs or who want to have the biggest animal on the block.

When fools who think it is "cool" to keep wild animals in urban settings act on their stupid ideas, the animals always suffer. The breeders of these animals do not care about anything but the money, and the USDA turns a blind eye to this terrible problem.

Joe Miele, Vice President
Wildlife Watch, Inc.
Box 562
New Paltz, NY 12561

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