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Connecticut Man Hurt while Hunting in New Hampshire

(Hanover-AP, Nov. 16, 2003 2:10 PM) _ A hunter from Connecticut is hospitalized after falling from his tree stand in Hanover (New Hampshire) yesterday and lying helpless on the ground for about 16 hours.

Fish and Game Sergeant Brian Suttmeier says 44-year-old Gus Vandermaelen from East Haven, Connecticut, fell from the tree on Moose Mountain around 8:30 yesterday morning. He was found around 12:30 this morning. The hunter apparently hurt his back and couldn't move.

After getting the call around nine o'clock last night, Suttmeier said conservation officers John Wimsatt and Eric Hannett fired shots in the woods and heard the hunter yelling for them. They found him at the base of a tree, about 20 feet below his deer stand.

Suttmeier said Vandermaelen fired a couple of shots during the day to try to attract attention, but couldn't continue firing because he wasn't able to reload.

In addition to a possible back injury, the hunter may have mild hypothermia.

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