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16-year Old Boy Shot in Backyard

The following are excerpts from an article about a town in Indiana where things have gotten so bad that a town councilman who is a hunter is leading the charge to ban hunting within the town limits. - ed.


Merrillville considers hunting ban;
Winfield goes with state laws


“On Sunday, a 16-year-old Schererville boy was hit with buckshot while in his back yard in the Autumn Creek subdivision, but was not seriously hurt, just startled. Schererville police don't take action against those with hunting permits unless recklessness is involved, the boy's family was told.


“I'd like to look at legally prohibiting hunting. I'm a hunter myself but there's a place for that and it's not within the town limits of Merrillville," - Town Councilman Joe Shudick


“He has taken numerous calls from residents complaining about hunting incidents.


“Councilman David Uzelac, D-4th, said he heard from one homeowner who was shot by a stray bullet. Within the last year the town of Winfield grappled with the idea of writing a hunting ordinance after some residents complained of hunters killing pets and shooting near schools and into homes.


“State hunting rules and regulations do not indicate any certain distance requirements from buildings or dwellings as long as hunters hunt in legal season, are licensed and follow other legal hunting rules.”

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