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IN: Hunting accident in Gary sends man to hospital with gunshot wound

September 24, 2017


A man in Gary Indiana was injured on Sunday, after his own gun went off while pointed at his arm.

Indiana Conservation Officers on Sunday were called to the 3300 Block of Martin Luther King Drive to investigate the hunting incident.

The investigation revealed that at approximately 7:30 a.m., 23-year-old Christopher Morey of Hammond was Teal hunting in a marsh on private property. He briefly walked away from his hunting spot to retrieve a bottle of water from another hunter, leaving his 12 gauge pump shotgun resting on a mound of vegetation.

When Christopher returned to his hunting spot, he picked up his shotgun with the muzzle pointing at his left forearm. It is believed the movement of the gun caused the trigger to be pulled against a rigid plant material resulting in a close range gunshot wound to his left forearm by number 7 steel shot pellets.

It is unknown whether or not the firearmís safety was on at the time of the incident, but an inspection of the firearm determined it was functional.

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