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Man fatally shot while hunting in Wadi Mujeb, Jordan

October 14, 2017

From Rana Husseini,

AMMAN — Police are questioning a 23-year-old hunter who allegedly shot and killed another hunter in Wadi Mujeb area over the weekend, official sources said.

The suspect turned himself in to the police shortly after allegedly shooting the 42-year-old victim while they were both hunting animals on Friday night, Police Spokesperson Lt. Col. Amer Sartawi said.

“At this point, we are treating this incident as accidental, but we are still investigating the shooting,” Sartawi told The Jordan Times.

A second source told The Jordan Times that “the suspect was hunting late at night in Wadi Mujeb area when he heard a noise near him and thought it was a wild anima”.

“The suspect shot at the direction of the noise with his pump action rifle but discovered that he had shot a person so he immediately turned himself in,” the second source added.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was declared dead on arrival, the source added.

A team of government pathologists headed by Saif Hamarneh performed an autopsy on the victim and concluded that he “received a fatal bullet wound to the back and head,” a senior medical source told The Jordan Times.

The Criminal Court prosecutor is currently questioning the suspect who is detained at a correctional and rehabilitation centre pending further investigations, the second source added.

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