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"This is as serious as it gets", woman killed in Hebron hunting incident

October 28, 2017


A 34 year-old woman is dead after a hunting incident in Hebron, the first such death in Maine in four years.

Game Wardens say the woman was killed around 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the area of Greenwood Mountain Road.

Wardens say they have a lot of work to do in Hebron to figure out what happened.

According to Warden Service Corporal John MacDonald, investigators believe the woman was alone.

He says wardens aren't sure what the woman was doing in the woods before she was shot and killed by a 38-year-old man.

They say that man was with a small group of hunters but aren't saying what he was doing before firing his gun.

They say the group called 9-1-1 immediately once they realized what happened.

Saturday was the first day of Maine's firearms deer hunting season but wardens also won't say whether the victim was wearing high visibility clothing while out in the woods.

“The details behind this and what led up to it, what those circumstances were, we just don't know for sure,” said MacDonald.

To gather that missing information, police and wardens are asking key questions, why and how did this happen.
Investigators will also spend a lot of time gathering evidence from the wooded area the woman was killed in.

“We have specialized teams of forensic mappers, people who map these scenes digitally,” said MacDonald.

The wardens say the woman lived near where she died and plan to block off the area around the incident scene for as long their search for answers goes on.

“This is as serious as it gets,” said MacDonald.
He also added investigators are up against the clock to finish their work because of an approaching rainstorm.

They expect to return to the incident scene for days, if not weeks.

As of Saturday evening, neither the woman nor the hunter’s names had been released by police yet.

Wardens say the man who killed her could eventually face charges but they will be determined by the findings of their investigation.

They add the hunters are cooperating with investigators.

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