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NV: Coyote hunter injured in shooting accident

From Savanna Heindy,

December 12, 2017

Detectives with the Elko Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a person being accidentally shot in a hunting accident Saturday morning at South Fork Road and Jiggs highway.

When detectives arrived on the scene, the ambulance was present and had treated the victim of the shooting. Kevin Vella was one of four hunters pursuing coyotes that morning when Jamie Salazar accidentally shot Vella, according to Elko County Sheriff’s Office preliminary reports.

“What happened is the four were set up to hunt the coyotes and calling them in,” said Undersheriff Ron Supp. “The coyotes then started to come behind [Salazar] and he took a shot. The two other guys were in line with him, but he didn’t know where [Vella] was.”

All four hunters were reportedly wearing camouflage during the incident, which occurred around 9 a.m.

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