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FRANCE: Hiker in south of France is killed after being shot in the groin by a wild boar hunter


December 18, 2017

A hiker has been shot to death in a hunting accident after he was mistaken for a wild boar in the south of France.

Jean-Louis Blanc, 59, was out walking close to the village of Taulignan, in the Drome department, when he was hit in the groin by a bullet.

The hunter, a local man aged 64, has been arrested by police and is facing manslaughter charges.

‘The hunter was in his 60s and was sure a boar was coming towards him through the undergrowth after his dog started barking,’ said a source close to the enquiry.

‘He pulled the trigger, and the result was this terrible accident. The hunter is now in custody.’

Paramedics attended the scene of the killing, which took place shortly after 3.30pm on Saturday, but Mr Blanc is thought to have died instantly.

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