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Danger From Illegal Hunters: There are More Incidences Than Most People Realize - Part 2
These are only the reported ones!  There could be many more times as many unreported incidents.

Angi Metler - New Jersey Animal Rights Association

Reports from NJDFGW for Nov 21-Dec 20, 2002

Bureau of Law Enforcement
Rob Winkel, Chief
Central Region Highlights

CO investigated a homeowner complaint in Millstone. Hunter was leaving a residence to hunt when his muzzleloader discharged, STRIKING THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR. The projectile entered the wall of the LIVING ROOM JUST AS A WOMAN
WALL, THEN OFF A SLIDING GLASS DOOR. IT WAS determined the hunter had a loaded muzzleloader within 450 ft of two other residences. A summons was issued for careless discharge, injury to property and loaded gun within 450 ft of building.

Complaint phoned in about goose hunters shooting TOWARDS A RESIDENCE.

Complaint phoned in of hunter trespassing, hunting too close to houses and taking a buck out of season. CO found that hunter was using a resident license that he possibly violated the hunter education requirements to obtain the license.

Complaint phoned in of hunting too close to a house during early shotgun season in Millstone. After searching for hunter, CO located him hunting deer with a bow and arrow during CLOSED SEASON AND WITHIN 450 FT. OF A RESIDENCE.

CO apprehended two individuals hunting during muzzleloader season without proper deer or rifle permits. One hunter was also not wearing his hunters
orange. Summonses issued.

CO's in Southampton, Burlington Co. observed a deer drive in progress.

Hunting club denied killing any deer, but officers noticed blood on tailgate of one of vehicles. Club members EVENTUALLY ADMITTED taking a deer to a friends house and hanging it in a freezer. The deer was not tagged or checked in. Summons issued.

Call for assistance from Park Rangers regarding a shooting in Washington Township, Burlington County. Victim was hit with single pellets in the chin
and neck and two pellets each in the armpit and side.

The shooter, l6 years old, had his finger on the trigger of a shotgun when he fired the gun.

Phoned in complaint of trespass in Hopewell Twp. CO responded and heard hunter call his friend on two way radio. Hunter said he needed help dragging deer off the property. Two bucks and an antlered deer were located and CO's waited for hunter to return with friend. When hunter returned with
his TRUCK to pick up the deer, he was issued summons FOR TRESPASSING, UNTAGGED DEER AND HUNTING WITHOUT A PERMIT

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