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Danger From Illegal Hunters: There are More Incidences Than Most People Realize - Part 3
These are only the reported ones!  There could be many more times as many unreported incidents.

Angi Metler - New Jersey Animal Rights Association

Reports from NJDFGW for Nov 21-Dec 20, 2002

Bureau of Law Enforcement
Rob Winkel, Chief
Central Region Highlights

Complaint phoned in about house shooting in Hopewell Twp near Baldpate Mountain County Park. A slug had hit the door of the house, but not
penetrated. The shot came from a tree stand 630 ft from the residence. They found the hunter in the tree stand. The hunter admitted shooting in the DIRECTION OF THE HOUSE.

Complaint on a car with New Hampshire plates in East Brunswick hunting. Man produced a RESIDENT HUNTING LICENSE, AN EXPIRED FLORIDA DRIVERS LICENSE. His driving privileges were revoked in NJ. A computer check revealed an alias. The man was determined to be a convicted murderer released after serving part of a life sentence in Graterford Penitentiary. He also had
other firearms violations since being released.

A hunter recently apprehended was convicted and sentenced in Monmouth County Superior Court. He was convicted of Unlawful possession of a firearm
under the criminal statutes and received a 3 year sentence in Rahway State Prison.

During youth hunt season, 2 CO's encountered adults and juveniles CONDUCTING A DEER DRIVE. Then they heard a gun shot. 3 adult hunters then came out of the woods dragging a dead deer. One of the adults had shot the deer and was planning to UTILIZE A YOUTH HUNTER TAG. The hunter was charged with hunting deer during the closed season.

A special permit deer season drive was conducted in Atlantic County. Two CO's located some hunters and found 4 of them dragging an antlerless deer
from the woods. The animal had been mutilated to disguise its identify. The hunters refused to cooperate with the officers. A two hour search resulted in the discovery of the animal's entrails, spent ammunition and the deer's antlers. 7 summonses were issued to the hunter.

An anonymous complaint came in on Thanksgiving Day via Trenton Dispatch. The officers went to a residence, where it was reported that several unregistered deer might be found. No one was home.

The next day the CO's returned and found several people skinning the deer in the garage. Two antlered bucks were seized, which were untagged. The hunters told the officers that another person had killed the deer. The CO's interviewed the alleged suspect. Then they were told of more unregistered deer. 4 additional deer were seized. 8 HUNTERS WILL BE CHARGED AND 58 SUMMONSES ISSUED. THREE OF THESE HUNTERS WILL HAVE ENHANCED PENALTIES FOR PRIOR DEER ACT VIOLATIONS.

A Citizen complained of hunters hunting too close to a residence. A truck was nearby with a hunter seated inside. The hunter was interviewed and showed his ammunition. Several rounds of buckshot were observed. The hunter was asked what he was hunting for and he said, "deer". DEER SEASON WAS CLOSED AT THE TIME. Summons was issued.

A hunter complained that another hunter was road hunting for pheasants on an Atlantic County WMA. The complainant hunter had witnessed the violator
shoot a bird from the driver's seat of the vehicle. The violator denied the actions. The suspect VIOLATORS HUNTING PRIVILEGES WERE RECENTLY RESTORED AFTER HAVING THEM REVOKED FOR PAST VIOLATIONS. The complainants written statement will be used when the violator faces four new illegal hunting charges and the further suspension of his hunting privileges.

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