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Danger From Illegal Hunters: There are More Incidences Than Most People Realize - Part 5
These are only the reported ones!  There could be many more times as many unreported incidents.

Angi Metler - New Jersey Animal Rights Association

Reports from NJDFGW for Nov 21-Dec 20, 2002

Bureau of Law Enforcement
Rob Winkel, Chief
Central Region Highlights

A local police dept called about a landowners trespass complaint. The officer responded well after DARK and located the hunter and trail he used. The CO found where the hunter had killed a deer and dragged it out. It was an untagged deer. Summonses were issued.

Local police complained about a hunter hunting too close to homes. The hunter admitted having a loaded gun within 450 ft of a building, trespassing, hunting WITHOUT A LICENSE AND HUNTING WITHOUT REQUIRED ORANGE.

On opening day of firearm deer season, a hunting accident occurred. The victim received a buckshot pellet strike to his left leg. He went to Elmer Hospital.

During 6 day firearm deer season, CO stopped a vehicle in a wooded area and found two untagged deer in the bed of a pickup truck. The small bucks were illegal because of their antler size. The DRIVER HAD A SUSPENDED LICENSE AND HAD A WARRANT OUT FOR HIS ARREST. SUMMONSES WERE ISSUED.

In middle of 6 day firearm deer season CO's saw a hanging deer in an open garage door. They inquired about the deer, which was not tagged.

Patrolling on Sandyston Twp Sussex, Two CO's saw a man riding an ATV on a public road with an uncased rifle on board. The 22 rifle was found to be
loaded, allegedly to shoot coyote. Summons was issued for having uncased and loaded firearm on a vehicle.

On opening day of antlerless firearm deer season, a hunter came to check l antlerless deer and one antlered deer. When the hunter learned only antlerless could be checked, he drove away.

From the license plate, the CO went to the hunter's home. The hunter took the officers to a friend's home in Phillipsburg where the two deer plus another deer were found. The hunter told the officers the antlerless deer was "road kill" and "earn a buck" would make the antlered deer legal.

The two officers found the man's hunting partners in Tewksbury Township (Hunterdon) and found the following violations: two untagged deer, no orange, hunting WITHOUT PERMITS, PROCURING A RESIDENT LICENSE WRONGFULLY AND TAKING ANTLERED DEER DURING ANTLERLESS SEASON.

Two duck hunters were at Saw Mill WMA an hour after legal time.

During bow season, a complaint came in of someone shooting a BUCK OUT OF THE BACK WINDOW OF THEIR RESIDENCE IN BERKELEY HEIGHTS. The buck was feeding on a bait pile that the shooter had put out. The man was charged with killing a deer with a 22 rifle, illegal missiles, shooting in a safety zone, failure to tag/register a deer and violation of the "earn a buck" regulation.

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