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Danger From Illegal Hunters: There are More Incidences Than Most People Realize - Part 6
These are only the reported ones!  There could be many more times as many unreported incidents.

Angi Metler - New Jersey Animal Rights Association

Reports from NJDFGW for Nov 21-Dec 20, 2002

Bureau of Law Enforcement
Rob Winkel, Chief
Central Region Highlights

An illegally taken buck was at a butcher shop in Washington Township. The deer in question was antlered, but the head was removed and it was tagged as antlerless. The seal resembled an official deer seal, but it was a door seal. The owner of the deer was charged with mutilating and failing to
register the deer. The owner of the butcher shop was issued a summons for failing to keep proper records.

A complaint came in on Youth Deer Hunt day that someone shot a deer on the Trout Brook WMA from a vehicle on a public road. This occurred in front of
a resident's home.

A description and partial license plate was provided to police. The officers retrieved a l0 point buck. 4 hours later, the same resident reported that a different vehicle was driving up and down the
lightly traveled road and then stopped and parked near where the deer was shot. The police found 2 men and a juvenile. The juvenile hunter had a shotgun and tag ready to fill out. All 3 denied any involvement until the complainant positively identified the shooter. The shooter received seven

During permit bow season a hunter was charged with killing a deer in the wrong zone, failing to tag a deer, failing to register a deer and failing to exhibit his license.

On opening day of NY firearm season, the NJ border was patrolled. 2 hunters (one with a rifle and one with a shotgun) were found mile into NJ hunting
deer. Summonses were issued for hunting without orange, hunting with a rifle, failing to exhibit license, hunting without a license and hunting deer closed season.

On Sunday during permit bow season, Peapack Gladstone police reported two hunters in custody. Summonses for hunting on Sunday, hunting without a license, hunting without a permit and trespassing.

On opening day of six day firearm season, a house hit with buckshot was investigated. The hunter who shot into the house was found with two freshly killed antlerless deer. The shooter WAS 411 FEET FROM THE HOUSE. Summonses WERE ISSUED FOR HUNTING IN A SAFETY ZONE, CARELESS DISCHARGE, AND CAUSING DAMAGE TO PROPERTY.

While checking, CO's found two non resident hunters with resident hunting licenses. A summons was issued to each for procuring a resident license wrongfully.

During six day firearm season, a call came in about 2 hunters who witnessed someone shoot a 22 rifle at a deer from a vehicle on a public road. The suspect was found at a horse farm and interviewed. Summons issued for hunting with aid of vehicle, shooting from a road and possessing an uncased firearm in a vehicle.

A report came in that hunters were taking over the limit of pheasants on Black River WMA. 2 hunters were found hunting without a license, deer permit, rifle permit fluorescent orange and taking an antlered deer in closed season.

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