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Danger From Illegal Hunters: There are More Incidences Than Most People Realize
These are only the reported ones!  There could be many more times as many unreported incidents.

Angi Metler - New Jersey Animal Rights Association

The following report was for 1 month in only one region of New Jersey.  It's amazing that Rob Winkel calls this "highlights."

Reports from NJDFGW for Nov 21-Dec 20, 2002

Bureau of Law Enforcement
Rob Winkel, Chief
Central Region Highlights

A woman reported that her car was struck by 3 buckshot pellets as she drove down Hartford Road in Medford Township, Burlington Co. One pellet struck
and flattened a tire and the other two pellets dented the rear quarter panel.

Witnesses and hunters in the area were interviewed. A suspect was identified. He later admitted to shooting at a deer in the direction of the roadway. He was NOT AWARE THAT A VEHICLE HAD BEEN STRUCK. A SUMMONS FOR CARELESS DISCHARGE OF A FIREARM WAS ISSUED.

A local resident reported to Easthampton police that a group of hunters drove and shot at deer within 450 feet of several homes in a development.

The small wooded area was completely surrounded by houses. A man who was believed to be involved in the hunt was visited and this man denied involvement. Hunters had already left the scene. The man became hostile. The man admitted that he had participated in a deer drive with his friends. He called the other hunters on the telephone and a summons was issued.

4 deputies apprehended 20 individuals hunting within 450 ft of buildings in an industrial area in Middlesex County. The CO (Conservation Officer) realized he had written up one of the hunters last year FOR THE SAME VIOLATION IN THE SAME FIELD.

CO inspected a hunter at Assunpink, and discovered 4 mourning doves in his possession. A summons was issued. The CO had warned the same person about
shooting doves ON A PREVIOUS OCCASION.

There were rumors of a hunting accident at a large hunting club. The shooting victim called the office to report the accident. The hospital NEVER REPORTED THE SHOOTING INJURY TO THE POLICE OR TO NJDFGW. Two other hunters were shot as well, as the injured victim. Charges are pending.

2 CO's located a vehicle with a NY license plate. Hunting hours passed. The hunters son approached the officers and assured them his father was a legal hunter and had a non-resident license. The young man then attempted to alert his father. The father was inspected and found he was not wearing
hunter orange and was in possession of an unplugged gun and a resident license.


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