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Dog Survives Arrow Through Head

CRYSTAL CITY, MO-October 23, 2003 - This wasn't a wild or crazy kind of dog - just lucky.

Luther, a black Labrador, was found on a Jefferson County road with an arrow sticking through his head. He was expected to recover.

Authorities believe a hunter may have intentionally shot the dog with a bow-and-arrow, the tip going in below the right ear and poking out on the left side of the head.

Since the arrow narrowly missed the brain and spine, folks around here have taken to calling the dog "Lucky Luther."

The dog was carried into the Jones Animal Health Clinic in Crystal City the evening of Oct. 9. The county sheriff's department is investigating.

"This was clearly intentional. It would be a pretty far stretch to mistake a black Lab for a deer," said Dr. Thomas Butch Jones, the veterinarian who treated Luther.

The resident who found Luther decided to keep him, Jones said.

Judging by how the arrow was situated, Jones said a hunter may have shot Luther at close range, worried the dog would scare away deer.

He said he treats several pets each year that have been maimed by hunters, often on purpose.

"A lot of hunters take the hunt as seriously as a religion, and anything that gets in their way is going to get blasted to kingdom come," Jones said.

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