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Hunting Supporter Killed By Gunshot

Shooting Remains Under Investigation By State Police


POSTED: 2:04 p.m. MDT September 29, 2003

An Espanola man who fought for hunting causes was killed over the weekend in a hunting accident.

State police said Tony Suazo, 67, was shot Saturday by his hunting partner, Max Quintana, 63, while getting ready to hunt deer at Canjilon Lakes.

State police Capt. Quintin McShan said the shooting remains under investigation, but has not been classified as a crime.

Quintana questioned whether it was his rifle, and not Suazo's, that discharged. He said he doesn't know exactly what happened after both men got out of his pickup truck when they saw deer in the area. Quintana said he put his rifle on the seat to put on his jacket, but could not say whether the shot that hit Suazo came from his gun or Suazo's.

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