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Dog Shot, Killed With Hunting Arrow

Owner Thinks Pet Was Intentionally Shot

UPDATED: 10:23 a.m. EST November 6, 2003

NEWARK, Ohio -- Licking County sheriff's deputies are looking for information after a 2-year-old dog was shot and killed with a hunting arrow.

The Sheriff's Office said the dog, named Scruffy, staggered to the family's residence with a hunting arrow protruding from his shoulder area following the Sunday incident.

The dog's owner, Jeff Roberts, told the Newark Advocate that Scruffy died from shock and blood loss before he could put him in his truck and take him to a veterinary hospital.

"I think it was a purposeful shot," Roberts said. He suspected that Scruffy was chasing a deer and got in the way of a hunter.

"He was a family pet," Roberts said. "It's hard to lose something like that."

The canine, a hound dog mix, left a trail of blood leading to the spot where he was shot.

Anyone with information about who killed Scruffy is asked to call Licking County sheriff's deputies at (740) 349-6400 or the Ohio Department of Natural Resources at (614) 265-6565.

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