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Safe Hunting?

Hunting Fatality Investigated

By Cathryn Stephens

Cottage Grove - October 6, 2003

Lane County Sheriff's detectives are continuing their investigation of a fatal hunting accident over the weekend. Neither hunter was wearing blaze orange, something that could have prevented the tragedy. Now 29-year old Curtis Hausotter could face charges for shooting and killing his best friend.

It was foggy Saturday morning when the shooting happened, just before eight o'clock.

"The person who did the shooting thought they were shooting a deer and shot a person," said Dep. Pat O'Neil, with LCSO.

Sheriff's officials say 29-year-old Jason Matthew Roe, of Cottage Grove died when his friend accidently shot him behind his home off of London Road. Neither of the men were wearing safety orange.

"I don't feel that you need the state telling you not to be stupid. You should know on your own and hopefully we can get that message across by education," said Carl McGlothin, an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife hunter safety instructor.

McGlothin has been teaching hunter safety classes for 24-years. Most states require hunters to wear blaze orange clothing during deer season, but not Oregon.

"There was a serious proposal last year that would require every person in any rural setting to wear hunter orange at any time a hunting season was on," said McGlothin

That legislation didn't pass, but he says for hunters it just makes sense. "And if you just pay attention and want to be safe you'll do it," he said.

Hunting safety experts say while many hunters prefer to wear camouflage, deer can't see the color blaze orange. Since 1963, when a hunter safety course became a requirement to get a hunting license in Oregon, hunting fatalities dropped from 30 or 40 to four or five per year.

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