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Hunters Son Kills Mother and Sister - Violence in Family Led to More Violence

December 8, 2001


Jury Convicts Teen of Slaying Mother, Sister

Courts: He was 14 when shot them in their Upland home in 1999. A sanity hearing is scheduled.


A jury in Rancho Cucamonga convicted a 17-year-old of second-degree murder Friday for killing his mother and sister.

Paul Yum next will face a sanity hearing to determine whether he knew right from wrong when he shot Ester Yum, 39, and Christine Yum, 9, at their Upland home in June 1999.

The defense never disputed that Yum pointed his father's single-shot, high-velocity deer rifle at his mother's head while she slept, then pulled the trigger.

He then pulled the bolt and shot his sister in the head as she screamed.

Cooper presented evidence that Yum had told his friends he wanted to kill his parents and had spent at least 25 minutes thinking about his situation before he went into his sister's bedroom. She argued that those facts made the crime premeditated and thus qualified it as first-degree murder.

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