from C.A.S.H. Committee To Abolish Sport Hunting

MA: 4 charged with illegal hunting in Marshfield

January 20, 2017


MARSHFIELD - Four men were arrested Thursday morning and charged with illegally shooting at sea birds near Trouant's Island in the South River.

Arrested were Ziauang Zhu, 46, Jacky Shi, 37, Gerry Moy, 59, and Zemin Wu, 25. All are charged with hunting from a moving boat, hunting during closed season, exceeding the bag limit of sea ducks and a committing a motorboat equipment violation. Shi, Moy and Wu were also charged with having no state or federal waterfowl stamp.

Environmental Police Coastal Bureau Chief Patrick Moran said the men were shooting at murres, a migratory bird that is protected.

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