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OR: Recovering swan dies, hunter charged

February 23, 2017


A young trumpeter swan, recovering from being shot by a hunter at Summer Lake Wildlife Area in October, died earlier this month while in surgery.

The 2-year-old female, named Hope, was rehabilitating broken bones in her wing at Native Bird Care in Sisters. Her wing was not healing correctly, and she was taken Feb. 10 to a veterinarian in Springfield for a second surgery.
She died in surgery.

She had the role of an older sister to other swans in Summer Lake, including Fiona, who was shot and killed by the same hunter Feb. 10.

The hunter who shot the swans, Michael J. Abbott, 33, reported the incident to Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife staff. Abbott says he mistook the birds for another species. He was charged with attempted unlawful taking of a game bird. Another charge of attempted unlawful taking of a game bird and false application of a hunting license are being reviewed by the Lake County District Attorney’s Office.

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