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FL: FWC Law Enforcement Report

February 23, 2017


The Florida FWC Division of Law Enforcement reported the following activity during the weekly period ending February 16.

Escambia County officers concentrated their efforts on fisheries enforcement this week. Officers documented eight state and federal fisheries violations. These violations included possession of red snapper during closed season and several other size-limit violations.

Officer Ramos was on patrol in the Robert’s Pond Unit of Eglin Wildlife Management Area (WMA), when he followed fresh foot prints more than half a mile into a permanently closed area of Eglin. Officer Jones arrived to assist and the two officers positioned themselves on a trail waiting for the hunter to return from the closed area. Nearly an hour after sunset, Officer Jones intercepted the subject trying to sneak back onto the main trail in an area open for hunting. When Officer Ramos questioned the subject, he admitted that he had been deep inside the closed area and that he “should have known better.” Eglin Range Patrol arrived and issued the man a notice of violation, suspending his ability to enter Eglin WMA for one year. Officer Ramos charged the man with a criminal citation for hunting in a closed area and warned him for other violations.

Officers Roberson and Mullins fielded a complaint hunters with dogs and an ATV in the still hunt area. After interviewing the first two subjects, two more exited the woods with an ATV and more hunting dogs. They were found to be hunting hogs. Officer Roberson issued misdemeanor citations to three of the subjects for dog hunting in a still-hunt area. Officer Mullins issued one of the subjects an infraction for the use of an ATV on the Escambia River WMA.

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