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PA: Man charged with illegal firearm possession after shooting hunting companion

March 7, 2017


March 7, 2017

CHAMBERSBURG - Michael Linn Sechrist Sr., 42, is charged with four felony counts of possession of firearms when prohibited, plus a summary citation of shooting at or causing injury to human beings.

According to the documents, Sechrist and two other men were hunting for pheasants Nov. 16 in the Horse Valley Road State Game Lands, St. Thomas Township, when the incident occurred.

As a pheasant flew over, Sechrist shot at it. The man told investigators he felt pain in the back of his head and was bleeding. The group determined that when Sechrist shot, "one or more of the shot pellets from the shotshell he fired" hit the other man in the head, according to court documents.

A pellet was embedded in the man's skull. He was treated an an unspecified hospital and was released the same evening, according to court documents.

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