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ME: Washington man accused of cruelty to deer

March 21, 2017


WASHINGTON Ronald Mole, 57, is charged with felony aggravated cruelty to animals, night hunting, illegally baiting deer, and discharging a firearm near a dwelling. He faces up to five years in prison.

The offenses allegedly occurred Nov. 6 and Nov. 7. The animal was shot while Mole was illegally night hunting, according to investigators. The deer was left to suffer during the night until Mole returned the following morning.

The cruelty charge alleges that Mole acted in a way that "manifested a depraved indifference to animal life or suffering, did intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause extreme physical pain to an animal, cause the death of an animal, or physically torture an animal."

Mole's next court is scheduled for April 10.

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