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NY: Well-known Lake Ontario guide charged with illegally hunting waterfowl

May 9, 2017


Federal prosecutors have brought charges against a well-known Lake Ontario fishing and hunting guide, accusing him of illegally baiting and hunting protected migratory waterfowl during two incidents in 2015.

William Saiff III, of Henderson Harbor, was charged Thursday in U.S.
District Court in Syracuse with two counts of "knowingly placing bait to attract migratory birds and leading a a hunting party to the baited area to hunt the birds, resulting in the taking of birds," according to The Watertown Times.

If found guilty, Saiff will have to forfeit "all guns, traps, nets, vessels and vehicles used to trap and hunt migratory birds."

In addition, he'll forfeit all birds, parts of the birds and eggs, including eight deceased waterfowl seized on Oct. 27, 2015, and eight additional birds seized on Oct. 31, 2015. Officials confiscated a total of 16 dead birds: six mallards, five Canada geese, two wood ducks, two teal and one black duck.
Saiff is scheduled to be in court May 30 in Syracuse.

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