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CO: California man pleads guilty to illegal hunting charges in Moffat County

July 1, 2017


A California man found guilty of committing a variety of serious wildlife crimes in Northwest Colorado will pay thousands in fines and could potentially lose his hunting and fishing privileges for life, according to a CPW news release.

Kyle Odle, 29, pleaded guilty and agreed to pay fines for a misdemeanor charge of aggravated illegal possession of wildlife involving the illegal take of three or more big game animals. He received a 24-month deferred judgement and sentence for the charge on the condition that he not commit any additional violations during the two-year period. He also pleaded guilty and was fined for two misdemeanor counts of providing false information to obtain resident big game licenses illegally, one misdemeanor count of hunting without a license, one misdemeanor count of illegal possession of a mule deer and one misdemeanor count of wasting game meat.

The cost comes to more than $5,000 in fines for the misdemeanor convictions, a mandatory $6,000 donation to Operation Game Thief and $5,500 in restitution to several hunters he guided illegally for profit.

Odle cannot hunt, fish, outfit or guide for two years and may receive up to a lifetime suspension of his hunting and fishing privileges in Colorado and
43 additional Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact States, pending a decision by the CPW Hearings Officer.

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