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IA: Illegal hunting earns 2 hunters citations

July 26, 2017

From The Daily Nonpareil

Two hunters have been cited for illegally hunting at Lake Manawa after fishermen reported hearing gunshots on Saturday.

Sein Ram, 37, and a minor, have been charged with hunting by artificial light, hunting without a non-resident hunting license and illegal attempt to take game.

During a traffic stop near Lake Manawa, the hunters told the rangers they were hunting rabbits with a flashlight from their car.

A rifle, ammo and a flashlight were seized from the traffic stop. While investigating the scene, a dead deer was found with multiple gunshot wounds, with a blood trail showing rangers it had been shot from the roadway.

Rangers charged Ram for failing to have a non-resident antlerless deer license, abandonment of dead or injured wildlife, illegal method of take, shooting a firearm over a roadway and trespassing.

The minor received fines of $450. Ram received fines of $3,808.

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