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WY: Two local men charged with poaching

August 1, 2017


EVANSTON Two local teens were charged last week with several hunting violations, including intoxicated hunting and hunting without a license.
Austin Jarrell, 19 years old, pleaded guilty to the charges, while 18-year-old Gerald Lewis pleaded not guilty.

They were each charged with five Game and Fish violations, including wanton destruction of a big game animal, taking game animals without a license, wasting edible portions of a game animal, violating a commission order and hunting while intoxicated.

During a police investigation, Jarrell allegedly admitted to shooting the deer. Lewis pleaded not guilty to the five charges, and so his case will continue.

Jarrell will have to pay $500 to the Wyoming Wildlife Protectors Association and serve a total of 20 days in jail. His hunting and fishing privileges have also been suspended for nine years.

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