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AK: Three Hunting Guides Arraigned in Nome

September 22, 2017


Hunting guide Brian Lee Simpson, 56, was arraigned in the Nome courthouse on Monday. Simpson was charged with five misdemeanor violations of Alaska hunting laws, including illegal guiding on private land.

Last Friday, two of Simpsonís employees were also arraigned. Tyler Weyiouanna, 25, was charged with aiding in the violation of hunting regulations and using a motor vehicle to harass game. Matthew Iyatunguk, 23, was charged with one count of harassing game.

The charges were initially filed in Alaska District Court on August 17th. Simpson has hired his own attorney, while Weyiouanna and Iyatunguk will be represented by public defenders appointed by the court.

All three men are set to appear at the courthouse in Nome on November 9th.

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