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Deer, duck hunting without licenses; fish snagging: NYS Conservatiion officers

October 18, 2017

From David Figura,

It's that time of year for state Environmental Conservations officers.

In separate incidents earlier this month, officers ticketed deer and duck hunters for not having licenses and other infractions, along with ticketing an angler for illegally trying to snag a steelhead. All specifics below were supplied by the state Department of Environmental Conservation.

It Wasn't Me, It Was My Brother - Orange County

"On Oct. 1, ECO Melissa Burgess received a call from a group of hunters reporting a trespasser who had shot a deer on the property where the hunters had exclusive permission to hunt in the town of Woodbury. One hunter had heard the sound of a bow being fired twice from a nearby tree stand, and had approached the stand to further investigate. As he approached, a hunter he did not recognize fled on foot. The hunter pursed the unknown man on foot and caught up to him and another unknown hunter. He requested to see their hunting licenses, and noted they had no back tags. Both men replied that their licenses where in their truck and, upon arriving at the vehicle, the two men produced hunting licenses that appeared to be expired. The hunter took pictures of the licenses and vehicle license plate and the other two hunters left the area. ECO Burgess tracked down the location of the hunter identified as the subject that fired the arrows at the doe for an initial interview. The man possessed a valid hunting license, but had not been out hunting that day. Instead, he had given his license to his brother. The man was issued an appearance ticket for Transferring his Hunting License to Another Individual. ECO Burgess located the brother in question, and the man confessed to not possessing a hunting license and to shooting the doe. The man was issued several tickets, including Possessing the License of Another, Hunting without a License, Taking a Doe Deer without a Permit, and Failure to Tag Deer as Required. The deer was donated to a cadet-only sportsman education course at the United States Military Academy at West Point for a live field dressing demonstration. The summonses are returnable to the Town of Woodbury Court."

Dangerous Crossing - Oswego County

"On Sept. 5, Major Matt Revenaugh was working at the DEC Training Academy in Pulaski when an individual rushed in asking staff to call 911. The person explained that a car had just been hit by a train at the CSX crossing on Centerville Road, near the Academy. Major Revenaugh and Sgt. Kati Reynolds grabbed first aid equipment and rushed to the scene, where they found a silver SUV pushed nearly 100 yards down the track from the crossing. A quick assessment revealed the elderly vehicle operator was suffering only minor cuts and scrapes. Had the train operator been unable to stop the train, the car and operator would have ended up making the 50-foot drop from the railway bridge into the Salmon River. Evidence at the scene indicated the driver failed to observe the warnings at the crossing and drove through the crossing arm and into the path of the moving train."

Illegal Wood Ducks - Saratoga County

"On Oct. 7, ECO Rob Higgins was conducting compliance checks on waterfowl hunters when he heard a radio call for a duck-hunting complaint in the town of Ballston. State Trooper Matt Wilski responded on the radio that he would be responding and ECO Higgins responded to investigate. After arriving on scene, ECO Higgins located three duck hunters in the woods along with nine wood ducks and a mallard. During the investigation, ECO Higgins found one of the hunters possessed an unplugged shotgun and did not possess a duck stamp. The second hunter was in compliance, but ECO Higgins issued tickets for the violations, two of the nine wood ducks were determined to be illegally taken, and the case is pending in the Town of Ballston Court."

Going After That One Fish - Chautauqua County

"On Oct. 11, ECO Chris Freeman was conducting foot patrol along Canadaway Creek in the town of Dunkirk when he was approached by a concerned fisherman who explained that he had observed a fisherman standing on a log attempting to snag some vulnerable steelhead along the bank of the creek. A few minutes later, ECO Freeman caught up with the suspected fisherman still fishing from the log. ECO Freeman watched as the fisherman dropped his line straight down in front of him and rip upward in a clear snagging motion. The fisherman repeated this action several times before finally hooking a steelhead. Hooking up with the fish made the fisherman loose his balance and fall into the creek. After unhooking the fish, rather than releasing it, the fisherman headed toward the road where he was met by ECO Freeman. The fisherman was issued two tickets for taking steelhead by snatching and for keeping a foul hooked steelhead, returnable to the Town of Dunkirk Court."

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