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Coffey Grounds Rules and Policies

See downloadable PDF for:

- Coffey Grounds Water & Property Waiver
- Waiver of Claims, Express Assumption of the risk
- Releases of Liability
- Indemnity Agreement

We strive to keep The Coffey Grounds a safe and enjoyable place for everyone. To maintain this we have adopted some policies for use of the facility.
- If waivers and/or certifications are not received at the time of arrival, admission will be postponed until this is done. - There are no refunds.
- Waivers can be submitted by email to [email protected]

- Waivers for anyone under 19 must be signed by a parent or guardian on the premises to prevent fraudulent signing.
- Anyone under 19 must be accompanied by someone over 21.
- There must be an adult chaperone for every five teenagers/children.
- All visitors, even non-divers, MUST COMPLETE A WAIVER OF LIABILITY before entering the property.
- Waivers are available online and must be submitted by email or in hardcopy before entering The Coffey Grounds. (See pdf document for download below.)

- Scuba Divers are required to bring their diver certification cards or submit them by email prior to attending. Unless received before hand or at the time of arrival, you will not be allowed to dive.

- Instructors will provide proof of insurance by email or in hardcopy before entering.

- Solo diving is allowed with a solo diving certification, to be provided before entering. Otherwise buddy diving is required.

- No fishing or fish handling is permitted on The Coffey Grounds property. Fishing line is an entrapment hazard and fish are for Divers' enjoyment.

- There is a five mph speed limit in the parking and driveways.

- The owners, rather than the Coffey Grounds, bear full responsibility for any lost, stolen or missing items.

- Swimmers, Divers, Boaters, Hikers, and anyone on The Coffey Grounds property and lake, and using any equipment while there are doing so at their own risk.

- Animal Companions are great and we love them, too, but are disallowed at The Coffey Grounds for the sake of our guests.

- Weak swimmers (adults and children) must wear life vests in and around the water, boats and rafts. Your life is in YOUR hands.

- All attendees must sign waivers prior to arrival. Children names and ages can be added to their parents' waiver forms.

- Divers MUST provide proof of Diving Insurance before admittance to the water.

- Waivers and Certification cards are good until December 31st of the year they are submitted and will be kept on file until that time. All divers must complete a new waiver the first time they attend in a new year.

- Any disobeying of rules, polices, regulations, laws, ordinances, or other activities deemed unacceptable by management/ staff will result in a request to leave without any refund. Belligerence and/or refusal to leave will result in a call to law enforcement.

Email [email protected],  with waivers and certifications or for information.

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