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August 2000 Edition

This First Edition of Anecdotes
Is Dedicated to the Memory of
Ginny Goodrich
And the Wonderful Way She Knew Animals

Dove's Gift

wpe4B0.jpg (17748 bytes)~ When I learned there was a small tumor in one of my lungs, my daughter Annie gathered a circle of women to lay hands over me. We buried a stone, as a ritual for letting go of the unwanted presence. Soon after, two doves appeared on my patio. I was aware of the birds' presence, but had not been feeding them. Only after they were gone, did I discover that one had left an egg. Subsequently I learned that dove is the messenger of the Sophia.wpe1C.jpg (6035 bytes) I remember being quite thrilled. I took it as a message from someplace else.

As told by -Ginny Goodrich

Sacrifice - sacri- + ficio: to make holy.

The dove reminded us that there are some aspects of our lives that are harmful which we may select not to keep or nurture. We thank the dove.


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Getting a taste of God's creation as it should be!

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