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While muck flats, strewn with sea lettuce, kelp,
clumps of bivalves, anticipate the tidal return,
dunlin, sandpipers, black-breasted plover scurry about,
munching on minuscule larva and transparent
glass shrimp. On the edges, willet, whimbrel,
snowy egrets devour mumachogs and fiddlers.

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On beaches, knots, turnstones, sandpipers
replenish, feasting on eggs of ancient arachnids.
From the far ends of Patagonia and Tierra
del Fuego, they flock to the arctic, long day
following long day. Seeking summer's bloom,
birds pause along a fragile network, to feed.

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In lilting flight-as-one,
stringing flutous wails,
they weave the fabric of continents
interlacing us all
in feathered ligaments,

- Sue Holloway -

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Getting a taste of God's creation as it should be!

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