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Out the window you go,
rescued once
from a bathtub deluge
and twice from becoming
a cat's toy.
While airborne,
do all your fourteen pairs of legs
swim in space?
Now you will have made
a soft landing
on something green.
How does an arthropod
react to a near-death experience?
Me, I'd check my whole long torso
expecting feathers
after this apparent rebirth.
I'd lift every limb in turn
to see if a set of wings
might be sprouting somewhere.
Would an appetite shift
now send me in search of earthworms?
If not,
would life be humdrum again
after five minutes
back at sub-grass level,
just as before that long climb
up the drainpipe? And
would I still have dreams
of being able to fly?

- Joan Kunsch

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