wpe491.jpg (4485 bytes)wpe491.jpg (4485 bytes)CREATURED

by - Claire Zoghb

wpe23.jpg (20100 bytes)Three months gone—
   How can it be?

The granite stands mute
    gray as that day in March.

New grass
    on my grandfather's grave

(how bold the color!)
    tiny rapiers in my heart.


wpe24.jpg (11154 bytes)A dragonfly descends—
    floating, darting.

My eyes register no form
    only an emerald of such

brilliance and clarity
    the color rang

pure as the sound
    of bells in winter—


cc-drag1.jpg (9016 bytes)Now joined by another,
    its blue as precious.

They bob
    before my eyes
        before the headstone

as if erasing the names
   Jadwiga. Walter.

the dates
   1895, 1989... 1975, 1991.

cc-drag2.jpg (8096 bytes)As if to say:
    Here there are no tears.
    No stone.

This is what matters:
    this movement of sheer color,
    the silent music of life
    after death


And I knew no need to return
    to see full-blown summer.

wpe19.jpg (10771 bytes)

Getting a taste of God's creation as it should be!

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