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A Dream, 1994

I left the teachers' meeting, tired of the inane paperwork and meaningless policies. Suddenly an ape came into view,
in the tall evergreen nearby. He climbed down, dusky figure,
with a bloody right arm.
The ape got into my car and began to drive, weaving in and out of traffic. There was about to be an accident. How could I get this ape to stop? I called 9-1-1, but then hung up; the police
might shoot the ape.
What could I do? This was a dream; I could do anything. So I got someone to put up a stand with bananas, and he pulled right over to eat some.
Then I went to him and realized he was my ancestor and had so much wisdom. Together, we went home and began to plant a garden. Lovingly, he held a mound of soil up to the sky.
And the earth knew it was loved.
He did the same with the seeds, which began to grow immediately. There we were, instantly in the garden, with huge flowers, like trees. Joyful once again, the ape's arm healed automatically.
Our task completed, we sat down beside a tall fir tree. Resting in the arms of this great hairy beast, my friend, I was at peace.

- Sue Holloway -

Excerpt from: Chronicles of Healing Self with Nature:
Healing our Separateness

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