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Omar Buddhu

Sol dips low in the western horizon; the dawning of night,
Luna, the brilliant white disk, ascends to its zenith in the firmament, bringing light,
Stars twinkle into view, like glimmering fireflies, incandescent and bright,
The animals of the forest, predator and prey, awaken—what a sight!
The great wild tiger, resplendent in its majesty, displays its might,
By uttering a roar that fills all others with sheer fright.
The raven, sleek and obsidian, soars among the boughs; the forerunner of plight,
In superstition, the harbinger of death and other grievous fates mortals cannot fight.
Owls, feathery and wise, hoot from the trees, occasionally winging into flight.
Sol dips low in the western horizon; the dawning of night.

The vast firmament gleams, a diamond-studded gown wrapped about Mother Earth,
While couples and families remain safe in their homes, huddled by the hearth.
The male nightingales sing their bewitching song, calling to their mates in merry mirth,
While on the ground daytime animals are slumbering, waiting for another day’s birth.
Beyond the sprawling forest, night gulls glide across the shimmering waters of the firth,
While further still, humpback whales break the waters of the ocean; enormous in girth.
All across the land, at the inception of each night, a totally different world takes flight,
And it all begins when…
Sol dips low in the western horizon; the dawning of night.

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