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I. Summer: Light as air
milkweed butterflies
Danaidae, float
on amber, brown, black
scaled velvet

In spotted light, dancing
lepidopterae uncurl
long tongues
into lavender, fuscia, magenta,
gold ecstasy

cc-monarch1.jpg (7744 bytes)cc-monarch2.jpg (7807 bytes)II. Autumn: Rising in a cloud
of orange,
gathering offshore,
monarchs rest
on Pumpkin Island

Deep within
one cedar, the interior
shudders, alive
with soft wings fluttering.
Light as air, they lift.

They flit and float,
wings curved upward,
never linear,
in unceasing ecstasy
a two-thousand mile journey

Earth's only endangered
phenomenon: monarchs
looping their way far south
to Michoac`an sanctuaries.
El Rosario: flaming galaxy

III. Winter: Two miles high
in transvolcanic roosts,
wings closed,
they cluster,
millions upon millions.
at rest

Great boughs
of oyamel fir
from sheer numbers, while
outside, trees are felled.

Buffer removed,
winds howl past.
Fierce, unrelenting,
they push and squeeze
through all openings

IV. Were their tiny eye
when wet flakes settled
over tangerine
star-flecked radiance
and millions

- Sue Holloway

~ Excerpt from: Artemis' Arrow

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