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Directory of Vegetarian (Vegan) Pastors and Churches Who Are Animal Friendly

Malawi, Africa
River of Life Churches

When God created the heavens and earth he also created animals, to be friends of humans all over the world. Their lives together were divine and wonderful. Animals stayed with man who shared kindness with them. Animals are good creatures, like us, created by God, to live and die naturally, and not be killed by humans.

Today in Africa, many people ignore this and kill animals. Humans have become today's worst enemies of animals.

I am the founder of the River of Life Churches and we are working with other churches, villages, schools and hospitals all over Africa to bring people closer to the goodness of all animals.

We are working to let the people of Africa know why it is good to take care of animals, to keep their habitats healthy for them, and not to use them for food.

Please contact us to learn more and to help Africans develop their friendship with animals.

With love and kindness and to the glory of our Lord Jesus, thank you!

Pastor Heavens Kandunah
River of Life Churches

PO Box 31142
Capital City Lilongwe
Malawi Africa
cell: 002655881975

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