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Directory of Vegetarian (Vegan) Pastors and Churches Who Are Animal Friendly

Fredonia Arizona
Order of Nazorean Essenes
A Buddhist Branch of Original Christianity

[Ed. Note: We are sorry for any inconvenience. As of July 2009, this church is no longer participating with All-Creatures.org.]

The Order of Nazorean Essenes is a religion of “The Call”. Upon this critical fact the whole system of Nazirutha enlightenment is erected. Without hearing the Call, one is in no position to benefit from these teachings of Enlightenment.  It is to hear The Call in the very silent fabric of one’s soul far removed from the stress and struggle of the noise of the world and the flightiness of the mind that listens to it.

The Order of Nazorean Essenes are located in a very rural area, on Mile 5.6 of Arizona Highway 389, in Fredonia.  They are a small informally organized monastery who meet and worship in a cluster of building here on our land. Yesai Nasrai, is the spiritual director.

Yesai Nasrai
Order of Nazorean Essenes
Fredonia AZ 86022

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