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Directory of Vegetarian (Vegan) Pastors and Churches Who Are Animal Friendly

Lamar, Missouri
The Universal Equalitarian Church
"Where All Species are Created Equal"

The Universal Equalitarian Church believes all species are equal, without limit or exception. The Lord gave us dominion over our fellow creatures. Webster's Dictionary defines 'dominion' as 'an order of angels: to protect'. We are the guardian angels of our fellow creatures. One of our purposes in life is to protect them and watch over them. This is our duty. Webster's also defines 'universal' as 'including all or a whole without limit or exception.' And Equalitarian is defined as 'equal or equality'. It is our species' duty to protect our fellow creatures. We believe all species are created equal.

Jack Truman, Pastor
The Universal Equalitarian Church
P.O. Box 364
Lamar, MO  64759
(417) 398-2800


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