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The Order of the Cross is an informal Christian Fellowship, dedicated to the Compassionate Life and the realization of the Christ within. Since its foundation in 1904 it has promoted a pacifist and vegetarian way of life.

The Order has for its service in life the cultivation of the Spirit of Love towards all Souls; helping the weak and defending the defenseless and oppressed;

Abstaining from hurting the creatures, eschewing bloodshed and flesh-eating, and living on the pure foods so abundantly provided by nature;

Walking in the Mystic Way of Life, whose Path leads to the realization of the Christhood.

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The Order of the Cross - All-Creatures.org Directory:

Tucson, Arizona
Boulder, Colorado
Fort Myers, Florida
Chicago, Illinois
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Bellevue, Washington

Outside the U.S.
London, England
Melbourne, Australia
Christchurch, New Zealand

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